Bringing equitable steam education to disadvantaged communities and it’s had many iterations of how this will grow. It’s really underlying my super rap concept which is idealism which is your ideal. Self and the ideal world you want to live in your villain or your obstacles and you use steam concepts to create. Your superpowers overcome your obstacles so it’s like wow that is such a wide.

Damola Idowu
CEO Toyz Electronics

Empower disadvantaged communities so disadvantaged student groups have limited access to steam education resources which is a gas team and this to inspire about learn a passion and ideas in steam and also equips them with better backgrounds.

Xinzhu Wang
Current master student at HCII CMU Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Sciences, Class of 2022

These kinds of tools and ideas and innovations most important thing is to spread the word. Get people aware of it. Be able to see the practicality and the possibilities presented. Draw those people who are going to be the early adopters the people who really want to get engaged in it and spend the time with it upfront to to build the early successes, and then it grows from there.

Stuart Blacklaw
Provost and Executive Vice President at the Community College of Allegheny County

You have a lot of territory covered with all of this. And I’m actually glad to see METALS involved in terms of evaluating, to see are you accomplishing your learning objectives. So, some of that entertainment you picked up from some of our ETC students in the past, now you’re broadening that. So, I just look forward to seeing where all this work leads.

Mike Christel
Teaching Professor, Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

A lot of the conversations that we’ve had with damola and wole and dr. Victoria mattingly have to do with their democratization of access to technology and creating. Because in the nonprofit sector, we know that as we’re meeting today’s needs, we also have to be thinking about job creation for tomorrow. So, creating an equitable environment for that is extremely important

Emily Francis
Program Manager at Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership

Great tools that you are offering for all these kids out there

Claudia Forero
Financial Administrator and Program Coordinator at The Educational Justice Institute at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When kids are going through traumatic experiences, being able to express themselves as a superhero or character has been helpful in their treatment and their emotional wellness so that was a qualitative exploration.

National Museum

I feel like the game was pretty good. I really liked it. It gave me a better understanding of what STEM is, and it gave me a better understanding of what the game is supposed to be about, how STEM is and its use in games. So, I feel like me in the STEM field, I will really enjoy making games.

Drake Wanu
Student at Nazareth Prep High School

I was blown away by what they were talking about; the aspirations, the game design, the perspective, this is exactly what I’m looking forward to doing in the future.

Student at Pitt University

It was amazing experience and appreciate you guys so much

Marquise Wheeler
Computer Science Teacher At Nazareth Prep High School

My students took AP Computer Science Principles this year, which is a course designed to connect traditional coding courses with the real world. I love that my students were able to see a real software design company and how computer science can be used not just to write games, but to make games for purpose, and what that looks like behind the scenes, how peoples’ motivations are, and how people come together and collaborate to make these things. And I think that really ties together everything we did through the whole year.

Leslie Chabala
Marquise Wheeler
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