SuperHero Rap to Introduce Students to STEAM Concepts

We informally utilize SuperHero Rap to introduce students to STEAM concepts in a process that combines STEM + Art + Maker + Entrepreneurship.

Superhero Rap is based on Idealism, which is the student’s ideal world and vision of their best self. The villain is their obstacles. Their superpowers are based on using STEAM concepts to overcome their obstacles. In the process they acquire growth intelligence and problem solving skills through creating their ideal world. 

Superhero rap infused diversity equity and inclusion (DEI)  along with Social Emotional Learning (SEL). 


Penetrated souls I choose to battle superegos

Overthrowing past regimes cause the rulers

Had no ethos

Transform into pure light as my mist

Takes control, becomes a subliminal message

While rerunning cyclical episodes

My aura they couldn’t control

boxed me in a terminal universe with a pinhole

I still shone in different wavelengths

But only infrared showed

Cataracts on third optics

So my presence they couldn’t decode

Have mercy, their melanin

Got consecrated because they were mating

With an impotent pole

Electricity in my mind merges with your EM poles

He froze so I had to revert his code

No longer roaming on fours

Justifying the corruption in the marrow’s core

You want to confront Pugilistic

But I’m a mentalist

Why did you combat for an arsonist

Lighting up the inner candle

Bless all the burnt-out souls

Their frames reside on my mantle penetrated

Soul, soul, soul, soul, soul

Our Superhero Rap Story

At 12 Damola Idowu was a poet who loved writing love letters and dreamt of being a mechanical engineer after watching a show Knight Rider about an Autonomous vehicle with an AI named KITT. His company will be called Alomad and it will be one of the biggest in the world. At 15 his dream became true he had opportunities to take college classes at Duke or Syracuse during the summer and chose Syracuse where a year later at 16 he will enroll full time studying mechanical engineering and economics with his own technology company as a goal. He will start his own business on campus Dah-Smooth fashions and will subsidize his education selling HBCU merchandise and women Accessories while also serving as a member of the student government. He will learn to freestyle and make spontaneous improvised rhymes and will eventually transfer to Howard University to get an HBCU experience as the world of Rodney King beatings really struck a chord with him 
At Howard he will win an engineering design competition at 18 and be a  frequent presence at open mic locations at night taking the souls of negative emcees and infusing them with positivity. He was still just Dah-Smoov the alter ego of Damola Idowu but something will change very soon. He will be disowned by his father. 
He sought to incorporate art with his engineering pursuits and commercialize it with the next level electronics company bigger than Sony.  The pain and trauma of abandonment was so deep he tapped Into an ancient spirit that has been  Existing since infinity. It  manifested in Mechanical engineering student Damola in 1994 taking over  the poet dah-smoov and becoming Da Great Deity Dah and born on wax in 1996
In a world of Rodney King and the million man march it wasn’t enough to be one of a handful of black mechanical engineers while communities were plague with crime and economic disparity.  Da Great Deity Dah is an immoral spirit he chose Damola to manifest physically and together they will demolish negative emcees by night while working on engineering by day. Superhero rap manifested in his creed which was a man gains immortality when his daily deeds and actions are worthy of dying for so when his body decays his soul shall remain everlasting.
Superhero rap involves idealism which is your ideal self and ideal world your superego state of mind and your Nirvana place in the world. Your villains are your obstacles and you use STEAM concepts to create your superpowers to overcome your obstacles. He will come up with the visual of the avatar with a friend DJ RBI. The character had smoldering microphones that  could amplify his booming vocal prowess to crush the negative spirits which plagued communities globally. His  method of combat was cerebral warfare and he changed hearts and minds everywhere his presence was felt.
At the million man march Da Great Deity Dah performed his first miracle he took $33 worthof tapes and sold out at the million man march and payed rent and reinvested the money. A young king will be promised to arrive soon. His name was Obawole Idowu. His name meant a King has come into the home of the most high inspired by the great pharaoh Zoser and after his father Damola.He was born in 1996 months after the birth of Life or Death on Vinyl and the superhero rap legend reached 30 countries across 6 continents physically with over 1 million listeners on YouTube.
He will also launch the first of its kind him hop and entrepreneurship magazine Owners Illustrated going on tour with 50 cent Jay Z and Beyoncé. He will amplify the story of women with the Women’s issue and create the term Hustlenomics and trademark it and launch a magazine. He will generate millions of dollars and reach 20000 points of sale. He will then pioneer the intersection of hip hop and tech with the launch of TOYZ magazine featuring cars, gadgets and video games. 
The young king Wole will be inspired and will come up with his own inventions that were sustainable and accessible for billions of people in the world. He will present this idea at 15 on top business television network CNBC in a documentary with fabled Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel. 20 Under 20 transforming tomorrow was the title and he will choose to enroll at Carnegie Mellon University at 15 to pursue electrical and computer engineering and learn to build his world changing technology. 
The two heroes will team up and launch Toyz Electronics on the campus of Carnegie Mellon while Wole was just 17. They will embark on a mission to change the world and democratize technology and education.
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