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This lesson is a celebration and presentation of the final products the students created.
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This is the introductory lesson. It shows how students were guided to compose the music for the Chronicles of The Electromagnetic Feild General album. Over 40 students worked directly on the project. 

Here are the credits for the contributors to the album 

Executive Producer: Da Great Deity Dah
Co-Executive Producer: Moods and Vibrations
Project Producer: Miguel Richardson for Moods and Vibrations & Da Great Deity Dah for Royal Alchemist
Productions, LLC, Co-Production on The Antidote and Penetrate The Soul by DJ Eskimo.
All songs written by: Damola Idowu
All Songs published by Holy Scriptorial Music (ASCAP)
Recording Location: Vlahakis Recording Studio, Carnegie Mellon University
Recording Dates: Saturday February 18, Sunday February 19, Monday March 27, Tuesday March 28 [2017]
During TNGL Hackathons at Carnegie Mellon University.
Recording Engineers: School of Music Multitrack Recording class, Carnegie Mellon University, under the direction of Riccardo Schulz:
Breeanna Ebert, Daniel Graf, Scott MacDonald, Kayla Quinn, Adelaide Zhang, Garrett Osborne, Ethan Bence, Michael Bridges, Sean Park, Nick Pourazima, Samson Liu, Alexander Panos, Anirudh Mani, Bharadwaj Ramachandran, Chris Grijalva, Gregorio Trost, Joseph Santillo, Mauricio Gil-Silva, Alex Gotsis, Winston Ching

Mixing and Editing: Miguel Richardson for Moods and Vibrations
Mastering: Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs
Design: Da Great Deity Dah
Music Conductor: Dawoud Shahidu
Scratches by: DJ Eskimo, DJ Hakim, and DJ Kalo (of Identity Theory)
Special Thanks: Christoffer Thygesen, Wole Idowu, Toyz Nation Gaming League.

Roger Romero, flute and saxophone
Abby Adams, violin and vocals
Ashley Rayzer, vocals
Nick Kosarek, piano and keyboard
Caleb Lombardi, piano and keyboard
Shane McLaughlin, guitar
Jakob Uhlenhopp, drums
Gladstone Butler, hand drums
John Corbett, bass
Christoffer Thygesen, bass
Aidan Epstein, bass
Da Great Deity Dah, vocals

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