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Using an essay and the Lyrics of a song Stop The Bullying that was recorded with the Music Department at Carnegie Mellon University, Students learn how to write by expressing their own views on the subject matter
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Once one passes the ethereal realm and begins to form within the womb, many things begin to be ascribed to that person. Whether hopes and aspirations or contempt and disgust, the forces of energy transferred to the unborn are massive and the temperament of the mother and her ability to absorb those forces determines a lot of a child’s potential before birth. In life and in death, energy remains constant in that it is always changing state and form. As we begin to evolve into ourselves after birth, we primarily respond to our environment. On Earth, our environments vastly differ and in my travels, the differences within one city block, can be stark. However, humans are special in a unique way. The will to overcome is an amazing trait in humans. The spirit within to overcome all obstacles allows for one to change probabilities restricted to environment and elements within oneself genetically. Thus, you can find exceptions to many a rule of thumb and the characters of those exceptions are the pillars that hold up history. For me, my perspective is to do everything in life as if you were taking your last breath. As an emcee, every microphone check is life or death. It is treated as a final opportunity to voice and channel the energy within to impact the greater populace and influence the currents of time. One knows not when the physical frame will terminate, so it is critical that every moment is cherished and every deed is measured to last beyond one’s physical ability to concur with or dispute a perspective.  

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