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Using an essay and the Lyrics of a song Penetrate The Soul that was recorded with the Music Department at Carnegie Mellon University, Students learn how to write by expressing their own views on the subject matter.
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NASA (Astral Journey)
Lets go/ to a place never seen/ familiar scene/ that appears in your dreams
Immaculate scene/ untethered from the physical/journey with the lyrical
Renegade/ imperial/ vintage material/ Mozart in stereo
Grand Imperial/ creations are miracles
Voyage the darkness/ to attain the pinnacle
Astral poetical/ detaching my physical
Principal vanquished/ spiritual famished
Griot of the Alpha/ Before time established
Exist in a space/ No dimensions/ no foundry/ no limit to speed/ no seed of fatality
Exist eternally/ notions of humanity/ calamities occur/ you misplace supremacy
Same under skin/ for pigments cause casualties/ got to see
Marvels of the galaxy/ Bang got big/ beyond what the eye can see
Detach from my flesh to engage with reality/
NASA/ voyage astrally y’all
Verbal disaster/ Earth moving faster/ Lunar eclipsed/ by the galaxies master
Bliss/ moving swift/ rate thoughts transmit/ light emits/ unfathomed by this
Blinding light/ attracting the spectrum/
Galaxies beyond/ but you can’t fathom Neptune
Frauds abound/ Tell by they costumes
Fake unrighteous/ serpents will strike soon
Sell they souls for gold/ or the right tune
Froze cocoons/ Buffoons I ignite soon
Alien physics/ All in an alt state/ Anatomy different/ evolution will take place
Multiple timelines/ detach from the confines
Mind/Body and soul/ figment before time
Alpha Omega/ Amoeba to Mankind/ Be 4 me dusk/ Greatest of All Time
Time don’t exist/resist/ what you insist/
mentally persist/ acolytes of Iblis
Pure nothingness/ best and least consists/
least will desist/ return to double helix
Embed the Phoenix/ Adam Eve/ some mystics/ Preface an edict
Right and just the suffix/ But this/ voyage/ to notions of what exists
adequate but abundant/ share covenants/ mortal dance to enhance
Chance to eternalize/ the life dance/ brink of happenstance/
By fate/ we enhance/ destiny of humans
Freedom of the and/ positive and negative/ combine to make man
Woman/ Child the make/ when they band/ Its Godlike/ the powers you hold in your hands

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