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Using an essay and the Lyrics of a song NASA (ASTRAL TRAVEL) that was recorded with the Music Department at Carnegie Mellon University, Students learn how to write by expressing their own views on the subject matter
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Life or Death check the vivid apparatus Born to pick it up and abuse the tool the badest Habit of erratic to pursue cash fast Stash of Zombies presiding beneath grass ALAS/ Once again it’s that biblical fable brethren’s falling victim to the Cain’s like Able But thine art unable/ to perish under perilous contract I contact/ ANCESTRY to recount that / I’m holy like the covenant Divine not ignorant/ ranting and raving/ being enslaved degrade/ Infallibly I’m notorious For stern command/ of civilized servants/ of the man or barbaric mockeries/ like conan Bond my words in hemoglobin that ceases my physical time span My mic check is life or death


Life or death Oral tradition is my habit Change wavelengths my mind is a polaric magnet Attract the wildest heads due to the plumbus in their gats Cock-back/ I twist a mic off like a 40 cap Lubricate it’s crystalline like WD 40 Surely/ I mold the maligned mechanism/ Knifing the next victim Lacerate his cardic/ Chain his brain/ then I whip him/ for cream bust upon his back like seam-men led aloof so they shipwreck within the wet dream To no ends/ cause the egg is premature and nothing fruitful grows/ when the mindstate is soiled and strategic ray’s mold foiled/ reactions/ from the radiation of micromic wave functions/ deviated/ from the heat of my tone Breaks the beat/ accomplishes feats with my poem My mic check is life or death


Life or death/ check my synopsis of getting wreck Amateur styles/ yet they all claim pro-tech/-son No imperfection/ when phones are taped words raise resurrection/ keeps heads up like erections of monumental structures/ rupture lungs/ when trajectories puncture through rhythms that indenture/ the soul/ fellows/ crucify/ but I justify and electrify/ with the power of my third eye/ why ask why the microphone dies/ resting in pieces it lies/ measurements on the modulator in sines turned to flat lines/ echoing chimes evap my mind till the tool is recycled/ and I drop it as a dime with enzymes of life to crusifications of death/ my mic check is life or death COPYRIGHT 1995 DAMOLA LANRE IDOWU

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