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What Will You Learn?

  • - Telling your biographical story
  • - Telling a creative story
  • - Creating a superhero character
  • - Telling your professional story
  • - Telling a socioeconomic story with A.I.
  • - Creating an avatar in 3D
  • - Creating a soundtrack

Course Content

Biographical Story
Students speak on where they're from, their educational journey, and how they came to learn about STEAM.

Telling a Creative Story
Learning to tell a fictional story, based on a superhero version of themselves

Telling a Professional Story
Telling a story of their work and education history to achieve opportunities in STEAM education and STEAM workforce.

Telling a Socioeconomic Story with A.I.
Providing generative A.I. details about their geographic origin, and learning how generative A.I. can pull a story by combining US Census Data, Department of Education Data, Borough of Labor Statistics Data, and FBI Crime Statistics Data. Text-to-Speech is used to provide a voice to generative A.I. Students learn how A.I. and cloud technologies can provide personal context around socioeconomic factors of where they're from.

Create a 3D Avatar
Using web based technology, students learn to create a 3D model avatar of their superhero self.

Creating a Soundtrack
Students use the virtual music recording studio in the Dah-Varsity video game to create an audio soundtrack to their creative story.

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